Перевезення по Українi (Авто/ЖД)

SPEED AND TIME 1. Slow speed.
2. +/- 3 days forecast
1. Prompt delivery.
PRICE 1. Fixed rate .
2. The optimal price for big volumes of goods.
1. Possibility to hang out for better price.
SCHEDULE 1. Need the coordination with rail office .
2. Incalculable schedule of hauling stock delivery .
3. Possible lines at a station or cargo terminal .
4. Lack of empty equipment when needed.
1. Direct truck delivery provides careful scheduling and suits ETA of the vessel.
2. Return truck delivery “obratka” can fit urgent dates due to close position to the place of loading.
3. Return truck delivery “obratka” can be cancelled due to unexpected developments.
WEIGHT 1. No limitation. 1. Up to 28 tonnes due to the limitation on the roads.
QUANTITY 1. Any cargoes in containers.
2. Liquid cargoes in flexitanks in containers.
3. General, packaged cargo, in bulk, grains – in covered wagons, hoppers. 4. Liquid cargoes in cistern wagons.
1. Up to 15-20 containers in one shipment.
CARGO 1. Any cargo in containers.
2. Liquid cargo in flexitanks in containers.
3. General, packaged, in bulk, in bulk – in covered, half-open wagons, hoppers.
4. Liquid bulk cargo in tanks.
1. Grains in bulk in containers.
2. Packaged cargoes in containers. 3. Perishable cargoes in refrigerated containers.
4. Liquid cargoes in flexitanks.
INFRASTRUCTURE 1. Railroad siding facilities is needed.
2. Storage facilities is needed to transship the cargoes.
3. Used in regions without highways.
1. Highways is needed.
2. No need in storage facilities for transshipment.
LIMITATION 1. Frequency of transportation regardless of the season, time of day and weather conditions. 1. Probability of road breakdown or crash.
2. Weather conditions.

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