Перевалка вантажів

CARGO All types of cargo and packaging
STORAGE CAPACITY 800 TEUs (400 * 40` / 800 * 20`)
COVERED WAREHOUSE 1200 m2 of warehouses
(2 warehouses *600 m2)
TRANSPORT FOR TRANSSHIPMENT Transshipment of cargo from trucks or railway transport to the warehouse transshipment terminal pads, packing, securing and loading cargo into the container, wagon, car.
TECHNOLOGIES Gantry cranes and rubber-tired cranes, forklifts, grain auger loaders, mechanical grain thrower, seed cleaning and grading machines; belt conveyors.
SECURITY The entire complex is equipped with security, video surveillance and equipped with fire extinguishing means.
LABORATORY Own laboratory for grain crops at your disposal.
Results of tests are ready in the shortest terms.

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