Мiжнароднi перевезення (Морськi/ Контейнернi/Авiа)

CARGO 1. Any kind of cargo: general, packaged, bulk,  liquid.
3. Dangerous.
1. Any cargoes in containers.
2. Liquid cargoes in flexitanks in containers.
3. Perishable cargoes in refrigerated containers. 4. Not all dangerous cargoes are accepted by shipping lines.
 1.Valuable or fragile commodity due to high security level.
PRICE 1. Individual suitable rates are confirmed in very short terms.
2.The optimal price for big volumes of goods.
1.  Fixed rate.
2. Takes much time to hang out for better price.
1. Fixed rate .
2. High price.
SPEED AND TIME 1.  +/- 3 days forecast
2. No ports of transshipment, only direct voyage.
1. Declared transit time.
2. Unexpected delays in the ports of transshipment are possible.
1. Much as possible fast delivery.
SCHEDULE 1. Vessel’s dates of laying/cancellation are negotiated in advance .
2.Need the coordination with ports of loading and discharging on the subject of free safe birth availability.
1. Weekly vessel’s calls according to the schedule.
2. Need  the advanced booking with shipping line.
3. Slight alteration of schedule is possible.
4. The vessel’s call can be cancelled by shipping line.
5. Cargo can be rolled to the next vessel by shipping line due to the lack of empty space on the appointed vessel.
1. Firm  flight timetable.
2. Predictable time of departure/arrival of the cargo.
WEIGHT 1. No limitation due to suitable vessel’s deadweight. 1. It depends on inland haulage limitations. 1. From 50 kg.
QUANTITY 1. No limitation due to suitable  vessel’s capacity. 1. It depends on empty space on the vessel.
2. Need the coordination with shipping line.
1. Any small or trial parties.
INFRASTRUCTURE 1. Storage facilities is needed  to accumulate cargo.  1. Container terminals is needed.
2. Possibility of inland haulage by shipping line in the  port of destination.
1. Airports is needed.
2.  Used in regions without chance to use any other transport.
LIMITATION 1. Seasonality of cargoes.
2. Availability of needed tonnage on market.
3. Weather conditions.
4. Drafts in ports.
1. Availability of empty equipment.
2.  Regular schedule without regard to time of year,  time of day, weather conditions.
3. Different sanctions.
1. Strong dependence on weather conditions
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