How UKRAINE doesn’t stay on the beans


On November 29, 2019 Dental with the participation of the Ministry of agrarian policy and Ukraine Production Seminar and Baba conference, the 4th international conference “The FUTURE of Beans” was held in Kiev.

Number of participants.
In total there were three hundred participants from countries regions:

Black sea region;
Middle East:
The delegations discussed in detail the prospects for the development of legumes in Ukraine.

Producers, farmers, traders, seed companies, scientists, representatives of international organizations and government agencies and logistics companies, (for example, such as ALFACOSTA Ukraine), exchanged experiences and ideas to create an effective bean business.

Discussion of market conditions
Demand for beans is traditionally high in countries:

Ukraine is also aimed at new markets. To take a strong place in the world trends, we considered the strategy of “Blue ocean”. Questions were considered in detail:

How to create a new market space.
Are there any prospects in the production of meat from beans.
How to conquer new niches in the market by creating original products. What are the prospects for the development of new varieties of legumes. Questions were also discussed: how to break the trade-off between value and costs, using the results:

field and production tests of agricultural production;
modern technologies during harvesting;
storage and logistics;
creation of packaging.
Participants celebrated the end of the working day with a prize draw and a music party.

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