Race of Nations


On the day when Ukraine celebrated its independence, the team participated in the prestigious “Race of Nations”. On August 24, a sports race with overcoming obstacles started in Odessa.

The main thing is to participate, not to win

Employees of the forwarding company took an active part in this tournament. In some ways, the race was symbolic. The work of a freight forwarder is also a daily overcoming of difficulties and obstacles:
• documentation;
• terminals
• deadlines;
• ships;
• containers;
• overpasses.

The first worry about broken teeth and injuries had been replaced by excitement as soon as we have noticed the logo of our longtime colleagues @ tis.terminals as the partners of the Race Nation.

All participants of the race were well aware that only team spirit, revenue and mutual assistance will help to achieve the desired result, to become leader and champion.

The company ” Alphacosta” consists of professional and energetic employees, the results of some of the best in the industry. Without false modesty, can everyone who is interested to visit the website of the company.

Our fans

Without a support group, you can’t achieve your goals. The team of Alphacosta employees and family members actively supported the athletes. The race was finished on a solemn note of victory.

After the competition, a picnic was held on the seashore with cooking “shashlik” and a peaceful conversation near the fire.

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